Crewneck Details

Dudes and dudettes, check it out, we've got the raddest sweatshirt on the planet right here:

🤙 50-50 cotton-poly blend – it's like the ultimate beach bonfire hug for your bod, man!

🏄 Medium-heavy fabric – perfect for shreddin' waves or just chillin' with your bros by the fire pit.

🌊 Loose fit – because who wants to feel all constricted, right? Total freedom vibes!

🏷️ Tear-away label – say goodbye to those pesky labels cramping your style, bro.

🤙 And it runs true to size, so you don't have to worry about looking like you borrowed your little bro's tee. It's the gnarliest sweatshirt, hands down! 🤘😎🔥