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Beach Bus Mania Weekender Bag

Beach Bus Mania Weekender Bag

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Weekender Tote: Pack Your Beach Vibes in Style

Ready for a weekend getaway? Pack your beach essentials and a pinch of chaos with our Weekender Tote featuring a lively beach scene of beachgoers crammed into a classic VW bus. It's the perfect bag for those who love a good beach party and aren't afraid to let things get a little wild.

A Tote as Fun and Unpredictable as Your Weekends

This isn't your typical, bland tote bag. This is a bag that screams fun, spontaneity, and just a hint of charming chaos. With this tote, you're not just carrying a bag, you're carrying the life of the beach party.

For the Beach Enthusiast Who Packs a Party

Our Weekender Tote is not just about style, it's about function. With a wide mouth and generous capacity, it can hold all your weekend essentials and then some. So whether you're packing beach gear or party snacks, this tote has got you covered.

A Classic VW Beach Scene: Not Just a Print, It's a Statement

The lively beach scene on our Weekender Tote is more than just a print; it's a statement. It says, 'I love the beach, I love a good time, and I'm not afraid to show it.' So go ahead, let your bag do the talking.

Embrace the Fun with the Weekender Tote

Ready to elevate your weekend getaways? Pack your fun, your chaos, and your love for the beach into our Weekender Tote. It's not just a bag; it's your ticket to a weekend of unforgettable fun.


More Details

From beach trips to spontaneous getaways, our Weekender Bag is the reliable and rugged companion you didn't know you needed, but won't be able to live without.

One size: 24" x13" (60.9 cm x 33 cm)
100% Spun Polyester
Cream sheeting interior lining

Sizing & Stuff

Our Weekender Bag, sized at 24"x13", is like a portable treasure chest, offering ample space for all your gear without compromising on style or comfort.

24" × 13"
Length, in 24.02
Width, in 12.99
Depth, in 5.51
Handle height, in 11.42

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