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Purple Tie Dye OB Graffiti Velveteen Plush Blanket

Purple Tie Dye OB Graffiti Velveteen Plush Blanket

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OB Graffiti Velveteen Plush Blanket: For the Couch Surfers and Ocean Beach Daydreamers

Hey, beach bum turned couch surfer, we see you! We know that sometimes, the call of the couch is stronger than the waves. That's why we've crafted the OB Graffiti Velveteen Plush Blanket, your personal teleportation device to the iconic spots of Ocean Beach, CA. It's not just a blanket; it's a cozy passport to the legendary locales of OB, where every fiber is soaked in the salty spirit of the beach.

Not Just a Blanket, It's a Cozy Tour Around OB

When you wrap yourself in this plush piece of paradise, you're not just getting cozy - you're embarking on a snug tour around the classic spots of Ocean Beach. From the quirky corners to the legendary surf spots, this blanket is your VIP ticket to a warm and fuzzy OB adventure, right from the comfort of your home.

As Comfortable as a Lazy Afternoon at the OB Pier

Imagine the comfort of a lazy afternoon at the OB pier, now translate that into a blanket, and voila! You have our OB Graffiti Velveteen Plush Blanket. Crafted from the softest velveteen material, it's like a warm, embracing hug from the OB itself, promising you snug moments that are as comforting as the gentle Ocean Beach waves.

A Style Statement as Unapologetic as OB Itself

Just like the unapologetic spirit of OB, this blanket refuses to be just another piece of fabric. It's a bold statement, a splash of Ocean Beach in your living space, turning your couch into the hottest spot in town. Because let's face it, who needs a plane ticket when you have a blanket that's practically a cozy tour guide?

Join the OB Cozy Brigade

Why settle for the mundane when you can have a piece of OB right in your living room? Grab your OB Graffiti Velveteen Plush Blanket today and join the cozy brigade that's taking over OB, one snug couch at a time. Let's redefine comfort, OB style, because in Ocean

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Create a cozy and warm atmosphere at home with this plush velveteen blanket. It is soft to touch and perfect for any home. 

.: 100% Polyester
.: One sided print
.: 3 sizes

Sizing & Stuff

30" × 40" 50" × 60" 60" × 80"
Width, in 30.00 50.00 60.00
Height, in 40.00 60.00 80.00

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