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1502 Trucker Hat

1502 Trucker Hat

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1502 Trucker Hat: Wear Your OB Nod With Pride

Hang tight, wave chasers! The 1502 Trucker Hat is more than just a cap – it’s your secret handshake to the OB club. Built for sun, surf, and sand, this is the hat that says 'I know OB, and I’m ready to show it.'

Not Your Average Beach Bum Hat

The 1502 Trucker Hat is no ordinary piece of headgear. Crafted with a nod to OB tradition, it's the hat that separates the tourists from the locals. Strap on this beauty, and you're instantly part of the 1502 crew.

Built to Ride the Ocean Beach Waves

This hat isn't just about looks (though it’s got those for days). It's built for OB life. Structured and high-profile, with a cool mesh back, this hat's ready to roll whether you're catching waves or catching rays.

1502: More Than Numbers, It's an OB Badge of Honor

Sure, to some, 1502 is just a number. But you and I know better. It's an OB badge of honor. And when you're wearing the 1502 Trucker Hat, you're not just another face in the crowd; you're OB.

Claim Your Place in the 1502 Club With the Trucker Hat

Ready to step up your OB game? Grab the 1502 Trucker Hat today, and let's hit the beach. After all, in OB, we don't just wear hats – we wear statements

The Boring Details...but Kinda Good to Know

• 47% cotton, 28% nylon, 25% polyester
• Structured, five-panel, high profile
• Flat bill

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