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Cool Parrot 92107 Sipper Glass, 16oz

Cool Parrot 92107 Sipper Glass, 16oz

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Introducing the Cool Parrot 92107 Sipper Glass, your go-to 16oz companion for savoring the laid-back lifestyle of Ocean Beach. This glass isn't just a vessel for your favorite beverages; it's a nod to the soulful essence of 92107, capturing the essence of coastal coolness. Adorned with a sleek, sunglasses-clad parrot, this sipper embodies the effortless vibe of OB, where every day feels like a gentle breeze.

Ideal for those sun-kissed mornings or golden sunsets, the Cool Parrot 92107 Sipper Glass is perfect for anyone who loves to merge their love for refreshment with a touch of local flair. Whether it's your morning juice or an evening cocktail, let this glass bring a piece of the Ocean Beach spirit to your daily rituals. Cheers to living cool, sipping cooler.

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