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OB Pause Weekender Bag

OB Pause Weekender Bag

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OB Pause Weekender Bag: For the Rebels, the Wanderers, and the OB Fanatics Who Can't Sit Still

Time to hit pause on the humdrum with our OB Pause Weekender Bag. This isn't just a duffle with a zip - it's a salute to the 1502, the lifeblood of our Ocean Beach community. It's unpretentious, it's reliable, and it's as OB as catching waves on a Tuesday because...why not?

Not Just a Bag, It's Your OB Lifestyle Sidekick

When you hoist our OB Pause Weekender Bag onto your shoulder, you're not just carrying a bag - you're toting a chunk of the OB ethos. This bag is a testament to the OB spirit, a loud hail to the 1502, and a gentle ribbing to the leisurely pace that sets our beach town apart.

As Comfortable as a Well-worn Hammock in Saratoga Park

Our OB Pause Weekender Bag is as comfortable as collapsing into a hammock after a day of doing a whole lot of nothing at Saratoga Park. Crafted from materials tougher than a two-day-old fish taco, it's up for a weekend escape or an impromptu surfing trip.

A Style Statement as Unconventional as OB Itself

Just like OB, our OB Pause Weekender Bag shatters the mold. Whether you're watching the sunset, an overexcited seagull, or that eccentric local doing their thing, this bag is a shout-out to your OB-ness.

Join the Fray of OB’s Quirky Adventure

Who said blending in was fun? Show off your OB spirit with our OB Pause Weekender Bag. Let's toss the rulebook into the ocean, embrace the unexpected, and live out our OB lifestyle in all its unpredictable glory.

More Details

From beach trips to spontaneous getaways, our Weekender Bag is the reliable and rugged companion you didn't know you needed, but won't be able to live without.

One size: 24" x13" (60.9 cm x 33 cm)
100% Spun Polyester
Cream sheeting interior lining

Sizing & Stuff

Our Weekender Bag, sized at 24"x13", is like a portable treasure chest, offering ample space for all your gear without compromising on style or comfort.

24" × 13"
Length, in 24.02
Width, in 12.99
Depth, in 5.51
Handle height, in 11.42

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