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OB Cool Wave Metal Art

OB Cool Wave Metal Art

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OB Cool Wave 92107 Metal Art: Because Your Walls Deserve a Taste of the Ocean

The OB Wave 92107 Metal Art is the only wall decor that's been slapped by more waves than a rookie surfer. This 100% original design is so uniquely Ocean Beach, CA, you can practically smell the salt air just looking at it.

Designed in OB: Because Authenticity Matters

Forget those mass-produced "beachy" wall hangings from big box stores. This metal art piece was designed right here in OB, blending a slick wave design with the OB initials for a look that's as authentic as a sandy beach towel.

Customizable: Just Like Your Surfboard

Like a well-chosen surfboard, your OB Wave Metal Art should suit your style. Choose from 18 gauge steel and 5 color options (Black, Red, White, Copper, Silver) to make it your own. With six sizes on offer, it'll fit your space better than a seagull fits the sky.

Built to Last: Even Longer Than Your Sun Tan

Worried about durability? Chill, bro. Made with 18 gauge steel and powder-coated in your choice of 5 colors, this sign laughs in the face of the elements. It's here for a good time and a long time, promising years of enjoyment.

Catch the Wave with the OB Wave 92107 Metal Art

So why not let your walls catch the wave? With the OB Wave 92107 Metal Art, you're not just adding a piece of decor – you're adding a piece of OB. And trust us, that's a vibe you can't find just anywhere.

Shipping Info: We handle orders faster than you can say "cowabunga." Generally, that's 4-7 business days of processing before your custom, individually printed treasure is ready for shipping. But during our peak seasons, we might slow to a more 'chill' pace of 9-12 days. Just remember, it's custom-made, like a perfectly formed wave just for you – and that's always worth the wait.

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